Our Plan, Our Vision, Our Voice


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Welcome to our new home for important information about Aurora's 10th Ward and our surrounding neighborhoods.

As I promised throughout my campaign for this office, encouraging transparency and open, two-way communication is fundamental to good community and good government.  It's my commitment to be accessible, visible and a positive resource to our neighborhoods.

For those who voted for me - thank you!  For those who may have cast a vote in a different direction, it's my promise to represent all of our citizens - addressing our concerns as a community to move Aurora in a positive direction.  I truly believe that there is an untapped potential in our ward and throughout our city, and I'm committed to helping you and your families thrive.

My door is open, and I look forward to hearing from you, your families and businesses to celebrate the good and address the bad. Together, we can make great changes.

Judd Lofchie
Alderman, Aurora's 10th Ward

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